Ideas And Ways To Layer Jewelry

Ideas And Ways To Layer Jewelry

Whether you have drawer full of jewelry or just few favorite possessions, knowing how to layer them can transform your fashion game.

Our easy guide will help you perfect the art of layering and have you looking chic in no time.

Get all those chunky pieces of jewelry out because it’s time for you to rock the trendy look!

Stack It

Getting layering right is a feat not many can pull off. It's hard to make jewelry look simple yet bold, with all its components standing out.

The trick to easy layering is by combining loud jewelry items such as chunky chokers with dainty necklaces.

Pair your layers in such a way that what one-piece lacks, the other can make up for it.

Combination is key to nailing any look!

Mix It Up

The best combinations are created when you mix textures, stones, and metal. Too much of something is not the way to go about layering.

Layer your jewelry by matching vintage pieces with trendy pieces.

Match your stone-clad bracelets with sleek, string bracelets or even metal ones.

Create looks that complement each other yet have bold and beautiful colors that shine!

Using The Right Metals

Believe it or not, the quality of metals you use certainly stands out.

A tacky artificial gold chain can be seen from a mile away whereas the same goes for authentic gold.

Using the right quality of metals and other materials is essential to up your layering game!

The best layering is prominent only when you use the right material.

If a plastic-looking metal is paired alongside high-quality jewelry, it'll ruin your entire look.

Using The Right Stones

As important as it to use the right metals, it is equally important to use the right stones.

The best of looks can be dulled if you don't use the perfect stones.

Not only do they elevate your outfit with their bold colors, but they also work as statement jewelry and give your layering the finishing touch it deserves.

Pair a chunky stone ring with plain silver or gold rings and get the perfect ring-layering that you have ever seen.

Maybe if colorful stones aren't the ones for you, you can always go for the evergreen stones that have the power to make any outfit perfect.

Pair a string of pearls, a jade bracelet, a lapis lazuli amulet with a delicate chain and you’re ready to go!

Maximizing The Minimal

Trendy and minimal is the perfect way to go about layering.

Wrap a sleek chain around your wrist and pair it with another delicate, chain-link cuff.

Not only would you be mixing and matching, but also achieving the maximum using minimal jewelry.

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